Media Jihad: Islamic State's Resurgent Propaganda Network
Tech Against TerrorismMarch 28, 2024x
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Media Jihad: Islamic State's Resurgent Propaganda Network

In this week’s episode, we are delving into Islamic State’s global propaganda network. We map the group’s media apparatus, unpacking the term “media Jihad” to understand the role of pro-IS online networks in waging its propaganda war. We highlight the centrality of Islamic State Khorasan Province, also known as ISKP, in reinvigorating IS’s propaganda machine. 

Note: this episode was recorded prior to the terrorist attack on the Crocus City concert hall in Moscow on 22 March 2024, which has killed at least 139 people. ISKP has claimed the attack.

Archie Macfarlane is joined by Lucas Webber, co-founder of Militant Wire, a media company that provides expert analysis on militant activity around the globe.

You can read a transcript of this episode here.

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