HOPE Not Hate: Insights from Inside the Far-Right
Tech Against TerrorismMay 23, 2024x
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HOPE Not Hate: Insights from Inside the Far-Right

In this week’s episode, we’re getting unique insights into the state of the far-right in the UK. The advocacy and research organisation HOPE Not Hate is known for its tireless work countering extremism and hate through research, intelligence, campaigning and community engagement. This work has involved infiltrating and exposing extremist movements and even terrorist groups. HOPE Not Hate recently published their State of Hate 2024 report, which we discuss in detail in the episode. 

Archie Macfarlane is joined by Patrik Hermansson, a senior researcher from HOPE Not Hate. We learn what it’s like to go undercover in an extremist group, and the risks associated with it. We explore how far-right extremism has evolved over the years, the role of social media, and the wider societal drivers of hate.

You can read a transcript of this episode here

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