Islamic State Online: Emerging Trends and Tactics
Tech Against TerrorismAugust 24, 202300:20:5714.43 MB

Islamic State Online: Emerging Trends and Tactics

This week, we're investigating the online activity of Islamic State (IS), an Islamist terrorist organisation renowned for its highly sophisticated media strategy and exploitation of the internet to disseminate its propaganda and recruit members. 

We'll be examining how IS and its supporter networks have evolved in their use of the internet, what platforms and technologies they exploit, and the techniques they use to avoid tech platform moderation. We’ll also touch on the work being carried out by Tech Against Terrorism to monitor and combat the group’s online activities.

Join Anne Craanen as she speaks to Meili Criezis, a Graduate Fellow at the Polarization and Extremism Research and Innovation Lab (PERIL), and Raphael Gluck, Co-Founder of JihadOScope, an organisation that monitors Jihadist activity across the internet.

You can read a transcript of this episode here

You can find Tech Against Terrorism’s ‘State of Play: Trends in Terrorist and Violent Extremist Use of the Internet 2022’ report here

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