Institutionalising Counterterrorism Practitioner Welfare
Tech Against TerrorismSeptember 07, 2023
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Institutionalising Counterterrorism Practitioner Welfare

This week, we're discussing the unique psychological risks that exist for those working in the field of online counterterrorism. We provide practical guidance for identifying, understanding and combating trauma and other mental health issues associated with exposure to terrorist material, and explore the roles and responsibilities of both practitioner and organisation in mitigating these impacts to welfare.

Join Anne Craanen as she speaks to Stevie Voogt, Director of People & Culture at Moonshot, a social enterprise working to end online harms. And Fiona Dunkley, a consultant senior psychotherapist, author and founder of FD Consultants, a network of trauma specialist therapists offering psychosocial support to people exposed to traumatic material in their work.

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