The Growing Threat of Misogyny and Gender-based Abuse Online
Tech Against TerrorismJanuary 05, 2023x
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The Growing Threat of Misogyny and Gender-based Abuse Online

Anne CraanenAnne CraanenHost

This week, we’re exploring the topic of online misogyny. With gender-based abuse in online spaces becoming a growing problem, we explore why misogynist views are so prominent online, the emotional impact of online harms, and what tech platforms can do to counter violent misogynistic content and protect victims from abuse.

We also explore why misogyny is so prevalent in extremist networks online, not just among incels but across ideologies. And we learn more about how the online discussion platform, Reddit, has developed its policies to better tackle violent misogynistic material.

Join Anne Craanen as she speaks to Dr Jessica Ashooh, Senior Director of Policy at Reddit. And Elsa Bengtsson Meuller, a PhD candidate at Goldsmiths, University of London, where they are researching the politics of antifeminist and misogynistic (online) cultures.

You can read a transcript of this episode here.

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