Terrorist Operated Websites
Tech Against TerrorismOctober 26, 2022x
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Terrorist Operated Websites

Anne CraanenAnne CraanenHost

This week on the Tech Against Terrorism podcast we’re exploring the threat of terrorist operated websites (TOWs). We discuss what TOWs are, what features they offer, and what role they play in wider terrorist and violent extremist exploitation of the internet. 

We also discuss why removing websites is so legally and ethically complicated and requires multi-stakeholder solutions. Finally, we outline what TAT is doing to combat TOWs, and consider what can be done by policymakers, infrastructure providers and other relevant stakeholders. 

Join Anne Craanen as she speaks to Ajith Francis, Director of the Data & Jurisdiction Program at the Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network and Rory, an Open-source Intelligence (OSINT) Analyst at Tech Against Terrorism. 

You can read our full report on the threat of terrorist and violent extremist operated websites here

You can read a transcript of this episode here.

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