Combating Terrorist Use of File-Sharing
Tech Against TerrorismFebruary 16, 2023x
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Combating Terrorist Use of File-Sharing

Anne CraanenAnne CraanenHost

This week, we’re looking at how violent Islamist organisations such as Islamic State disseminate propaganda online, particularly through the exploitation of file-sharing platforms.

Join Anne Craanen as she speaks to Professor Stuart Macdonald and Connor Rees from Swansea University about their data-driven research which explores pro-IS use of file-sharing platforms for propaganda dissemination. 

The episode addresses how and why Islamic State and their supporters have had to develop such a sophisticated strategy for spreading their message. We also consider how data-driven research by academia can help inform a collaborative and multi-stakeholder approach to countering the threat of terrorist and violent extremist use of the internet. 

Download the full report, Remove, Impede, Disrupt, Redirect: Understanding & Combating Pro-Islamic State Use of File-Sharing Platforms here

You can read a transcript of this episode here

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